Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer's almost over :(

Monica's last day of ESY (Extended School Year) was this past Wednesday. Now we're just chillin' out till school starts on Aug. 17. Next week is her 8th birthday! Wasn't she just a baby yesterday?!?

Our biggest problem with Monica at the moment is her need to be more independent. She thinks she can do most anything on her own. Today she tried to help herself to some microwave popcorn. She cut open the bag with a pair of scissors, leaving buttery kernels all over the kitchen! Well, at least she didn't try to put it in the microwave :)

Our biggest success with Monica lately is her speech. She has so many words now, and even says 3-4 word sentences! Her latest phrases are "I'm scared" and "Stop it!". And of course her favorite "Sim Poo" (swimming pool).

I will hopefully post a video of her at the horse show soon...

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